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WOW5 – Promo Time

World Of Wrestling 5
(Promo Time)

Jessica: “Okay, right, So Josh,
You’ve been wrestling for how long?”

Jessica skipped steps to keep up with Josh,
As he briskly walked along.

Joshua: “About two years now.
They trained me at 18.”

Jessica: “Would you slow down for two seconds?
Are you still hyped up on caffeine?
We need to get to know one another.
Develop some chemistry!
Look, this stairwell will be fine to talk in.
Please sit, and talk to me!”

Josh looked at his cellphone,
And then showed her the time.

Jessica: “

It takes two seconds to get to the promo set.
Please, just speak your mind.”

Jess sat and motioned
For Joshua to sit.

Joshua: “I’ve only every really tagged,
With one guy before.
He and I weren’t always best friends,
And so it was a chore,
To hash anything out,
Like plans of strategy,
I’m used to fighting my end of the fight,
And whatever will be will be.”

Jessica: “Why did you say you’d help me out?
What’s in it for you?”

Joshua: “You’re the first of two people who’ve been kind to me,
And plus, it’s the right thing to do.”

Jessica: “Well thank you very much.
That means a lot.
Now, are you a power type wrestler?
Tell me what you’ve got.”

Joshua: “I have some power,
And I can take a beating.
I tend to be scrappy
When I’m competing.
I don’t just find weaknesses,
I open then up.
I don’t know if that makes sense.”

Jessica: “No it does. You’re tough.
I can handle Keri. And Lil’ Mack.
But if BJ tags in,
You have to have my back.
I’ll start the match,
And do my best to last,
We’ll tire them out,
Then you’ll jump in fast.
Got it?”

Joshua: “Got it.”

Jessica: “Good. It’s promo time.
Let me say my piece to them,
Then just speak your mind.”

Wolfman Dan was
the interviewer backstage.
He’d just finished interviewing
Lil’ Mack and BJ Bass.
Then their opponents Jessica And Josh,
Made their way through to the set,
And they didn’t waste any time filming.
One take was all they’d get.

Wolfman Dan: “Wolfman Dan here backstage
With Jessica Valero.
Seems you found yourself a partner.
Who is this fine fellow?”

“Dan, I’ll get back to him in a second,
I just want to say,
Thanks to William Rothschild,
For screwing up my day.
My first day back from injury
And he wants to retaliate
Against how I beat his pathetic daughter?
I say great! Just great!
But I’ll let my partner introduce himself.
He’s a rookie here.
But Atlantyx and Keri? I think you’ll find,
This guy will bring out your fear.”

All eyes and cameras trained
On Joshua Slayter’s face.
And every ear was listening
Within that studio space.
Wolfman Dan put the mic
Up to Josh’s mouth,
And what came next proved that Joshua
Was definitely from The South.

The Bigdog is here!
Atlantyx and Keri Starr
You better watch your rears!
The Bigdog is comin’
And he’s gonna bite!
Be on your toes, gents,
Supergirl and I are ready to fight!
You guys might be gangsters,
But you act like hogs.
I may not be as big as you,
But I am one big dog.”

Joshua howled once again,
And they cut the interview there.
Jessica turned red in embarrassment,
The cheesiness she couldn’t bare.

Jessica: “Can we do another take?”

Wolfman Dan: “Sorry, Supes,
That one was live.
Good promo though.”

And he gave Josh a high five.

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