Welcome, I am Joshua David Ling, and I am a storyteller. From a young age, I was captivated by the magic of storytelling and the power it has to transport us to other worlds and ignite our imaginations. My childhood was filled with tales of Narnia, Lord of the Rings, and Star Wars, which instilled in me a sense of wonder, adventure, and heroism that still influences my storytelling today.

As an adult, I still feel the same thrill in my fingers every time I open a book. Now, I read to my wife and children, using literature as a way to teach, inspire, and disciple them. I believe that great stories have the ability to reveal universal truths and the inherent beauty of life, and I am passionate about sharing these truths with others through my own writing.

In my stories, I strive to create characters and worlds that reflect these universal truths, and ultimately, to glorify the Creator of the greatest story ever told – the one we are living in right now. Join me on this journey of discovery and imagination, where we can explore the beauty and wonder of life through the power of storytelling.


My Co-Hosts for Poets At War


Brendan Sunshine
Husband, Father, and general Creative, Brendan lives in the northern part of the United States with his Wife and son. A professional Videographer and Video Editor, Brendan mainly works with Christian organizations as a Contractor for Yonderchild Media. An aspiring visual storyteller, Brendan’s training is mainly in videography and video editing, however he taught himself drawing, painting, comic writing, 3d modeling, animation, game design, and writing, among the myriad of other topics not related to visual storytelling. Fantasy is his preferred genre, and he hopes one day that the stories he tell will move people emotionally, and more importantly glorify God.
Alexander Robertson
I was born and raised in the Lord’s Country of Oklahoma and by the grace of God I’ll die there too. Of the children in my family I am the oldest of twelve (four boys, four girls, and four deceased). I talk more than I should, I read a lot, I love learning new things, and I deeply despise PureFlix. I’m an aspiring Metaphysician, Post-Mil, 5-Point, Chestertonian, and a baby Presbyterian. I found Poets at War through YouTube recommendations from Knox Unplugged and it is still a bit surreal to be on one of my favorite podcasts. I can be found everywhere @WARobertsonMMII

My Stories (Poetry For Warriors)

Welcome to my world of storytelling, where old meets new in a fusion of modern snark and classic simplicity. If you could imagine the perfect blend of Joss Whedon and Hans Christian Andersen, that’s the tone of my stories. It may sound like an unlikely combination, but trust me, it works. The strength of the narrative will draw you in and leave you wanting more.

My stories are written in poetry and meter, inspired by the epic poems of old, but infused with elements of Broadway and Hip-Hop for a contemporary audience. I believe that good stories should be accessible to everyone, which is why I strive to deliver them in as many mediums as possible. Whether you’re a lover of classic literature or modern pop culture, my stories will speak to you and resonate with the universal Truth that has captured my heart and imagination for as long as I can remember. So come, join me on this journey of discovery and let’s explore the beauty of storytelling together.


Why Poetry?

In a world of shouting matches, despised-
In a world saturated with voices and lies,
I sought with groping hysteria-
An outlet not blocked by my dyslexia.

A rich and creamy format of comfort food
That’d stick in your brain like super glue.
I want to write novels and prose, yes I do.
But this poetry is the gift God gave me.

And as I took the mold given to me-
I analyzed its great complexity-
And the seed that it planted that grew so free-
Of Beauty and Honor so true…

In this world of shouting matches, despised-
In this world saturated with voices and lies,
I sought to break free of dyslexia-
And found a world more beautiful than wisteria.

My Faith

I wrote the following poem that accurately depicts both my faith and my testimony.

The Goal

As a lay minister and Bard of The Church. I believe in the power of storytelling to shape and inspire families, and my mission is to help fathers, mothers, and children become their families’ bards. Through storytelling, hospitality, and life-shaping entertainment, I seek to encourage and supplementally instruct families in what we believe.

In today’s world, where shared family time is becoming increasingly rare, it’s important to take back family entertainment through deliberate, thoughtful, and abundant creation of what used to be referred to as “The Family Stories.” As a writer and speaker, I share my experiences of exemplifying these ideals in my own family and community, and documenting them for you.

I also publish our “Family Stories” for free, including poetry, music, and stories by myself and my friends, to inspire and encourage others to engage in the same practices. By creating and telling our own tales, implementing Godly principles of fellowship within our families and communities, and curating the very best stories that exemplify our core values, we can repair the many places our cultures have eroded throughout post-modernity.

But we must remember that it all is for naught unless God builds the house. So, as you peruse my fiction and nonfiction, I encourage you to pray for God’s wisdom and begin to be your family’s bard. Join me on this adventure as we plumb the depths of the imagination God has given us, whether it’s in nature, church, or the lap of a loving father as he cracks open the pages of a beloved family novel. As the wise person once said, “If you want them to know the truth, tell it to them. If you want them to love the truth, tell them a story.