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I am Joshua David Ling, and I am a storyteller. I’ve been telling stories ever since I was a wee tot in diapers. Mom and Dad couldn’t stop me, no matter how hard they tried. Of course, it didn’t help that I had a steady diet of Narnia, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, and other anachronistic tales that instilled in me a sense of wonder, longing, and chivalry.

Though I’m over 30 years old, I still can’t help but feel the tingle in my fingers every time I pick up a book. But now, I mostly read them to my children and wife as a way of discipling them and leading them to love the beauty and universal truths found within the pages of enrapturing fiction.

In my own stories, I seek to combine elements and characters that continue to show those universal truths for the inherent beauty they already possess, and to primarily glorify the creator of the greatest tale ever told. (Hint: It’s the one you’re living now.)

My Stories

I would describe the tone of my stories as Joss Whedon meets Hans Christian Andersen. The modern snark of a Marvel Movie meeting the raw passion and simplicity of a Hans Christian Andersen Fairy Tale. That balance admittedly seems jarring, even to myself at times. But I sincerely believe that as you experience them, the strength of the narrative will draw you in and leave you thirsty for more.

Almost all of my stories are written in poetry and meter like the epic poems of old. However, I blend in elements of Broadway and Hip-Hop for a modern audience. I strive to deliver my stories in as many mediums as possible so people of all kinds can enjoy them, and relate to the Truth as I’ve known it and loved it all my life.

Why Poetry?

In a world of shouting matches, despised-
In a world saturated with voices and lies,
I sought with groping hysteria-
An outlet not blocked by my dyslexia.

A rich and creamy format of comfort food
That’d stick in your brain like super glue.
I want to write novels and prose, yes I do.
But this poetry is the gift God gave me.

And as I took the mold given to me-
I analyzed its great complexity-
And the seed that it planted that grew so free-
Of Beauty and Honor so true…

In this world of shouting matches, despised-
In this world saturated with voices and lies,
I sought to break free of dyslexia-
And found a world more beautiful than wisteria.

My Faith

I wrote the following poem that accurately depicts both my faith and my testimony.

The Goal

I am a lay minister and Bard of The Church. My ministry has an emphasis on teaching fathers, mothers, and children to be their families’ bards; encouraging them, and supplementally instructing them in what we believe through storytelling, hospitality, and life-shaping entertainment.

In today’s day and age of fewer shared family meals, fewer story-times, and fewer connections to our past that actually have an impact on our future, it’s time to take back family entertainment time through more than just curation and discernment, but through careful, thoughtful, and abundant creation of what used to be referred to as “The Family Stories.”

While I do write and speak on these topics directly, I find that the best way to communicate these ideals is by exemplifying them for my own family and community, and documenting it for you. I also publish our “Family Stories” for free so that others may be inspired and enjoy poetry, music, and most importantly, stories by myself and my friends.

Through a combination of creating and telling your own tales, implementing Godly principles of fellowship within your family and community, and curating the very best stories that solidify and exemplify the core values of your family, I believe we can repair the many and varied places our cultures have eroded throughout post-modernity. But remember, it all is for naught unless God builds the house. So peruse my fiction and nonfiction, pray for God’s Wisdom, and begin to be your family’s bard!

The adventure God has given us in this world is waiting for us in nature, Church, and even in the lap of a loving father as he cracks open the pages of a beloved family novel. Join with me as I strive to provide and engage with you and others all over the world to plumb the depths of the imagination God’s given us. A wise person once said: “If you want them to know the truth, tell it to them. If you want them to love the truth, tell them a story.”