World Wide Warrior 21 (Stop This Crazy!) Following the treachery of Mukhtar Imran- And his hypnotism of The Governor, Braden and Rayen Silversmith Worked with one another. They followed the trail that Mukhtar left them. Trying to decipher his tracks. But in the process of tracking […]
World Wide Warrior 22 (Daniella’s Birthday) The following night Braden went, To celebrate his girlfriend’s birthday. He arrived unfashionably early, To help with the setup for the day. He heard the silky laugh, From Daniella’s chocolate lips As he entered the gate to her backyard And […]
World Wide Warrior 23 (Ransom) The following morning, Braden woke up, To a note on the refrigerator door. It was written in red pen and in a hurry. And he wished it had stated more. Note: “Braden, I had to run A few errands out of […]
World Wide Warrior 24 (Temptation) Once Braden arrived at the hotel, Known as The Sportsman’s Lodge, He looked around for someone to meet him, And give him ample cause- To fight and save Daniella from- Whatever horror got hold, Of his beautiful and brave Girlfriend. He […]
World Wide Warrior 25 (A Game) Braden walked slowly into the room Where the woman smiled at him brightly. Her body wound in curves in a glistening red dress, Her lips turned in smile tightly. Braden leaned toward her For what seemed like a kiss. The […]
World Wide Warrior 26 (Challenge) Braden followed the directions on the paper, And it lead him just out of town. To an old looking hanger building, With wrecked planes all around. The dessert landscape around the building, Left him doubting much. But as he knocked on […]
World Wide Warrior 27 (A Spicy Bout) Fights like this didn’t need referees. But someone must start the fight. That man stood between Spicy and Braden, And quickly began their night. Spicy came out swinging hard and swinging at nothing but air. Braden dodged, and bobbed […]
World Wide Warrior 28 (Slick Nick) Braden coughed as his muscles ached, And he laid there on the floor. The tension grew in the room, And he was praying there wasn’t more in store. The surly crowd of fighters could strike, And he would certainly be […]
World Wide Warrior 29 (Don’t Be Hasty) Man: “Welcome to my eatery.” The man smiled and motioned to the place, Where he had taken Braden Silversmith, An Italian Restaurant named Kate’s. Man: “My name is Nick Tracer. And you’re my buddy-to-be!” Braden: “Just tell me where […]
World Wide Warrior 30 (Going World Wide) Braden slowly walked into a room On the other side of the wall, The humidor was a secret passage To a warehouse cold and tall. Inside, far off, toward the other end, He saw three figures stand. He was […]
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