Guardians Of Atlanta 1 (The Prophecy) Reed Jones was a farmer, just North of Atlanta His wife laid sick in bed. Just picture it, can’t ya? A baby in her womb, a storm raging outside The lightning locked them in. The storm poured from the skies. […]
Guardians Of Atlanta 2 (The Headband) Five years later in Alpharetta, The Joneses’ home and town, At Canaan Baptist Church, Sunday School had come in from the playground. It was time for the parents to come and pick up, All of their young kids. Reed rolled […]
Guardians of Atlanta 3 (The Baseball Game) The old blue back-door swung open, Into the Joneses’ farmhouse. Cyrus looked into the kitchen, There was no one about. Lightning flashed and thunder roared, As her soaked and shivering form- Stepped inside and dripped to the floor, Hoping […]
Guardians Of Atlanta 4 (Telling Connor) The boat shifted, creaked, and bobbed, In the wind on Lake Lanier. But Connor and Cyrus both enjoyed it. They didn’t have any fear. Connor loved to sit and fish, And Cyrus loved the spray. And they loved to be […]
Guardians Of Atlanta 5 (Home Is Where The Heart Remains) Fast Forward on through time To several years later, Cyrus was in college at UGA And celebration was in the air. The night before the last day of school, Cyrus had a party invite. She would […]
Guardians Of Atlanta 6 (Progress Is Knocking) Dinner time came for the happy Jones family, They sat down to enjoy their meal, But something cold still lingered in the air, And all three of them could feel, The relentless spirit now climbing their steps- A monotonous […]
Guardians of Atlanta 7 (Small-Town Romance) As Phillip Keller’s corvette headed back to 400, And the Joneses began dinner and sat there and wondered- Why Phillip Keller wanted their land so badly, A different sports car pulled up and Cyrus squealed gladly. The black Trans-Am with […]
Guardians Of Atlanta 8 (Electric Shock) When they arrived back, the stars shined brightly, unconcealed. They stared through the black, at something gleaming in the nearby field. Cyrus went to check it out, but it floated up off the ground. Connor gave a shout, and Cyrus […]
Guardians Of Atlanta 9 (The Hymn of The Knights of Adonai) So far in this tale we’ve followed Cyrus And the losses that she survived, Of slowly losing her small-town home And then losing her boyfriend’s life. That tale will continue as we progress, But for […]
Guardians Of Atlanta 10 (Refugees To The New World) On a cold, rainy night, In a tiny Atlantan town, A middle-aged British man, gripped his coat and looked down. He was walking to the place, where anyone may go.
A place that’s dry and warm, when you’re […]
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