the action heats up as a snarling werewolf terrorizes the town. Patty and Cumina desperately try to capture the beast before anyone gets hurt, but they need the help of Protector Jayshawn. However, Jayshawn is hesitant and waiting for Cumina to return with her armor and […]
Guardians Of Atlanta 91 (Something Familiar) The Guardians and Marlynn together snuck around to the side of Stone Mountain That was the least drowned In knights under the guidance Of Brock Townsend, But even then they knew they’d face some. And they would not be their […]
Guardians Of Atlanta 90 (Don’t Stop Me Now) Jezebel snapped into Amy’s mind, And took on full control. Bristlesmoke fired her darkness mightily, But the blows did not take a toll. Clipper aimed from the bushes, But could not get a good shot. His objective was […]
In this chapter of Craic In The World, Patty Hallet reveals to her friend Jayshawn that her brother is a werewolf and that there are many more creatures in the world than people realize. They are soon joined by Cumina, an alleged elf who shares her […]
The Broodcast! An Inkling style Discord Chat in the vein of JRR Tolkien and CS Lewis, Last Friday of every month at 8pm EST. Join the Brood at: https://joshuadavidling.com/discord
Guardians Of Atlanta 89 (Chill) Will’s blade still stuck to Marlynn’s skin, Back in the bushes and brush. His yells grew louder and louder, Though his comrades bid him to hush. Bobby: “Will! Back off and chill, man!” William: “Where does your power come from?!” Marlynn: […]
In this chapter of Craic In The World, we follow the adventures of Theodore Hallett the fifth, a native of Ballyshannon and an archaeologist. Working at the ruins of Cullahill Castle, Ted and his team discover a passage named the entrance to the King’s crown. Despite […]
Guardians Of Atlanta 88 (A New Player) Amy trudged up the mountain path. Hungering for more than just food. The Knights knew nothing of this steep path. No one could have understood. This path was ancient, and only few could see- The trek that cut up […]
We follow Jayshawn as he visits the mysterious Deoch Eolais bookstore and meets the enigmatic Patty Hallett. Patty tells him about the Precipitous Event that occurred thousands of years ago and the connection between our world and another dimension that is spiralling out of control. But […]
Guardians Of Atlanta 87 (Okay! Panic!) The woman spoke something under her breath That none of them could hear. Then the limbs of vines and trees Tried to snatch and spear. The Guardians all wanted to scream, But they didn’t because they knew, It would alert […]
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