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WOW13 – A Good Report

World Of Wrestling 13
(A Good Report)


Jessica came to Gary’s school,
To talk and have a chat,
Not just with Gary Horner
But anyone in his class
Who might be able to tell her more
About Joshua Slayter’s past.
And in the meantime,
She’d teach a class
And have herself a blast.

She talked to many of the students,
In between wristlocks and slams.
Nobody had a bad thing to say about Josh.
Though one did say he was a ham.
And as she continued to ask questions,
Her eyes were opened to see,
What type of guy this Bigdog was,
And what made him tick and breathe.

“He was cool while he was here.”
One of the rookies said.
“He helped me understand leglocks better.
Without those, I’d be dead.”

Another said: “He’s great with kids.
They’re always on his side.
No matter who he’s against in that ring,
They wear his merch with pride.”

It seemed that everywhere Jess turned,
Somebody had a story,
Of The Bigdog as a shining light,
Reflecting his Savior’s glory.
But none could explain to her why he hesitated,
At hanging out with her.

But one did tell her: “I think he’s engaged,”
Though that didn’t make her sure.

He never wore a wedding band,
Or had any tell-tale signs.
This lingering enigmatic question,
Weighed on Jessica’s mind.

But she quieted it for just a moment,
To ask the school’s head coach.

Jessica: “Excuse me, Randy. Do you know The Bigdog?
What’s he like to approach?”

Randy Kirby was a former tag team champion,
With Billy his little brother.
They’d wrestled together for many years,
And Jessica knew their mother.
So when Randy said:

“Oh yeah, he’s great.”

Some of Jessica’s worries subsided.
But she pressed him for more information.

Jessica: “Does he resist being guided?”

Randy thought for a moment,

Randy: “On some level, yes.
He’s fiercely independent,
But he likes to be put to the test.
Maybe if I show you a match,
From about a year back,
You’ll have a better idea of who he is.
And what qualities he lacks.”

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