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WOW12 – The Best of Times

World Of Wrestling 12
(The Best of Times)

“Are you ready?!”
Came the announcer’s voice.
(Not that the audience
had much of a choice.)
Everyone stood
Both fan and crew.
“This is WWL Forever Fight!
Live on pay per view!”

Joshua: “Do you want any popcorn?”
Joshua asked Ann.

Ann: “No thanks.”

Joshua: “How about some nachos then?”

Ann: “You’re like a Greek mother!”
Ann giggled heartily,
“I don’t want any food now.
I’m too happy.
This is the biggest event of the year.
If you want something, get it quick!”
Then Ann continued to cheer.

Joshua went up
to the concession stand,
And he had a one dollar bill
in the palm of his hand.
He bought a simple
Blue candy ring.
And when he got back to his seat,
The first bell did ring.

Warren Nickolson vs. “Killer” Kyle Singer
Then Joshua slipped the ring, onto Ann’s finger.
Ann laughed at the gesture.

Ann: “Are you proposing to me?”

Joshua: “Yes.” Joshua said
“Will you marry me?”

Ann: “Joshua…” She said,
“We’re only 15.”

Joshua: “I know, Ann.
But I’ve got this whole scheme!
I become a football coach,
And then we buy a house.
By the time we turn 18,
Will you Please be my spouse?”

Ann smiled in curiosity,
Weighing his intentions.
She licked the candy ring on her finger.

Ann: “I’ll answer with a question.
Are you fully serious
In wanting to marry me?”

Joshua: “As fully serious as I’ve ever been
Or will ever be.”

Ann: “Then yeah I’ll marry you!
I mean, c’mon, why not?”

And even when their parents knew,
No one thought they were sincere.
Yet Ann wore her ring when the candy was gone.
Year after year after year.

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