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ITR20 – Secrets

The idiot’s Guide To Illegal Tech Repair 20

A course was set
And everyone relaxed.
Blayze took the opportunity
To slip away to the back.
The back of the ship was mostly empty
Except for a few spare parts.
It was usually used for secondary cargo,
But for now it was left in the dark.
Blayze fumbled for a light switch
But he couldn’t find one though.
Yet the lights all turned on anyway,

Amanda: “Whatcha doing here, bro?”
Amanda’s arms were folded,
Her posture visibly upset.
She looked straight into Blayze’s eyes

Amanda: “Why haven’t you told me yet?”

Blayze: “Told you what?” Blayze asked nicely,

Trying not to back away.

Amanda: “You know what! About Pandora!
Now get your cards out and play!
I saw tendrils running out from her neck!
She used them to disable the troop!
I don’t expect you to tell everything.
But I need to be in the loop!”

Blayze looked down, 
And shed a small tear.
Amanda put her arm on him.

Amanda: “You have nothing to fear.
Your secrets are-
All safe with me.”
Then the intercom cut in.

Pandora: “I made cookies and tea!”
They stood there for a moment
Blayze waiting to see
If Amanda would let him off the hook
And let his secrets be.

Amanda: “I don’t know about you,
But cookies sound great.
But you will tell me about her
At a later date.
Unless that is,
She’s a threat to us now?”

Blayze shook his head.

Amanda: “Then let’s go get some chow!”

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