Guardians Of Atlanta 91 (Something Familiar) The Guardians and Marlynn together snuck around to the side of Stone Mountain That was the least drowned In knights under the guidance Of Brock Townsend, But even then they knew they’d face some. And they would not be their […]
Guardians Of Atlanta 90 (Don’t Stop Me Now) Jezebel snapped into Amy’s mind, And took on full control. Bristlesmoke fired her darkness mightily, But the blows did not take a toll. Clipper aimed from the bushes, But could not get a good shot. His objective was […]
Guardians Of Atlanta 89 (Chill) Will’s blade still stuck to Marlynn’s skin, Back in the bushes and brush. His yells grew louder and louder, Though his comrades bid him to hush. Bobby: “Will! Back off and chill, man!” William: “Where does your power come from?!” Marlynn: […]
Guardians Of Atlanta 88 (A New Player) Amy trudged up the mountain path. Hungering for more than just food. The Knights knew nothing of this steep path. No one could have understood. This path was ancient, and only few could see- The trek that cut up […]
Guardians Of Atlanta 87 (Okay! Panic!) The woman spoke something under her breath That none of them could hear. Then the limbs of vines and trees Tried to snatch and spear. The Guardians all wanted to scream, But they didn’t because they knew, It would alert […]
Guardians Of Atlanta 86 (Don’t Panic) After some initial panic, Especially on Marlynn’s part, The Guardians set out to look for Amy But they weren’t sure where to start. They skulked through the woods Just outside of view
Of all of Brock’s knights, But Marlynn’s nervousness grew. […]
Guardians Of Atlanta 85 (Meeting In The Woods) Among the leaves and among the brush Cyrus led Amy and Marlynn. Cyrus: “Come on guys, not much further. The others are up past that garden.” Cyrus pointed to a place where they Could see a small clearing. […]
Super Hero Alliance Patrol Ensemble 20 (A New Boss) The ancient, creaky elevator Jostled it’s way to the floor, If Sector 13 at SHA Full of dangerous criminals of war. A guard with shaking limbs Stepped into the concrete halls Limbs shaking as automatic lights Lit […]
Guardians OF Atlanta 84 (The Arrival) Marlynn: “It’s just ahead. I can see it now.” Came the voice of Marlynn to Amy. Amy: “Robert E. Lee, Stonewall Jackson, And even Jefferson Davis can’t save me.” Marlynn: “Then why Stone Mountain? You still haven’t told me Why […]
Guardians Of Atlanta 83 (Planning For An Eclipse) Cyrus gathered the Guardians And they entered the Castelle’s den; A room full of technology Geared to help all of them. Computers and devices big and small, Flickered all around. But in front of the projector screen Was […]
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