the action heats up as a snarling werewolf terrorizes the town. Patty and Cumina desperately try to capture the beast before anyone gets hurt, but they need the help of Protector Jayshawn. However, Jayshawn is hesitant and waiting for Cumina to return with her armor and […]
In this chapter of Craic In The World, Patty Hallet reveals to her friend Jayshawn that her brother is a werewolf and that there are many more creatures in the world than people realize. They are soon joined by Cumina, an alleged elf who shares her […]
In this chapter of Craic In The World, we follow the adventures of Theodore Hallett the fifth, a native of Ballyshannon and an archaeologist. Working at the ruins of Cullahill Castle, Ted and his team discover a passage named the entrance to the King’s crown. Despite […]
We follow Jayshawn as he visits the mysterious Deoch Eolais bookstore and meets the enigmatic Patty Hallett. Patty tells him about the Precipitous Event that occurred thousands of years ago and the connection between our world and another dimension that is spiralling out of control. But […]
In this chapter, we follow Jayshawn as he tries to uncover the truth about the mysterious albino girl with two different colored eyes who recently entered his life. After a break-in at his home, Jayshawn turns to Google to find answers, but only finds speculation and […]
Jayshawn finds himself in the middle of a dangerous situation when a mysterious woman is being chased by a man in a suit who is armed with a gun. As Jayshawn helps the woman escape, he learns that she knew his grandmother, Lydia Grogan, who was […]
Jayshawn, a man who feels lost and alone in the streets of Ballyshannon. However, destiny has other plans for him when he bumps into a petite young woman with a pale countenance and bi-colored eyes. As they both collect themselves, a man in a suit appears […]
Jayshawn Grogan is a young boy raised in New Orleans in a tumultuous home environment. After enduring a life full of hardship and violence, Jayshawn decides to escape to Ireland at the age of 16, seeking a new life with his grandmother in Ballyshannon. But his […]
In this last chapter of β€œThe Rhyming Little Mermaid,” Serena finds herself in a strange, white place in what appears to be her own little room and is surprised to find that her feet no longer sting and she can sing. As she steps out of […]
Prince Silas and Princess Demi announce their engagement, sending the crowd into a frenzy. However, Serena is consumed by her pain and heartbreak. As she prepares for her impending transformation into sea foam, her sisters arrive, offering her a knife and a chance to break the […]
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