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WOW18 – Why Oh Why

World of Wrestling 18
(Why Oh Why)


Jessica: “But why, Gary? Why is Josh
So afraid of me?
I’d tried to be his business partner,
Now I just want him to agree-
To be my friend. He’s such a great guy!
Why is he so alone?”

Gary: “The same reason he started in Pro Wrestling.
He doesn’t have a home.
His home and future were torn from him,
And all dreams and plans.
The reason he is afraid of being close,
Is because of a young lady named Ann.”


After the homecoming football game,
Folks meandered about.
They grilled out and celebrated,
And there was many a shout.
But quietly about the parking lot,
Joshua and Ann walked around.
Talking about their future together,
All smiles, no room for frowns.

Ann: “So you’ve got that interview as a football coach,
Wednesday of this week?”

Joshua: “Yep and my Uncle put in a good word.
I bet I’ll barely have to speak.”

Ann: “That is so amazing.
We’re so close to getting hitched.”

Ann playfully poked her young fiance.
As her eyes were lovingly transfixed,
By his loving gaze, and strong warm hand.
She knew she was safe with him.

Ann: “Want to walk home tonight?
The weather doesn’t look THAT grim.”

Joshua paused and looked around.

Joshua: “That’s like a mile away.”

Ann: “I know, but we should be able to do it.”

Joshua: “Let’s not do that today.
I had really hard practice this week.
Even if I didn’t play in the game.”

Ann: “Come on! Don’t be lazy!
Let’s walk home!”

Joshua: “Let’s just leave how we came.”

Ann silently, reluctantly agreed,
And they got into Josh’s car.
They buckled up and began to pull out.
And Ann looked up at the stars.
Joshua turned up the radio,
And it played them a classic song.
Somewhere Over The Rainbow,
To The Wizard of Oz it belonged.
But just as Joshua turned onto the route,
That would take them back to their homes,
A speeding car with a drunk driver inside,
Suddenly made him alone.

Their car was totaled T-Boned on Ann’s side.
The impact sent debris everywhere.
Joshua’s brain was thrown about in a way,
He temporarily forgot every care.
It took him over ten minutes to awaken.
But when he finally did,
He saw Ann’s body, cold and pale,
With blood trickling down her forehead.
His brain began to try and put it together,
The pieces of this very wrong puzzle.
But he found he could barely think of words.
Much less deal with this struggle.

He heard a loud noise he didn’t recognize,
And saw very bright colored things.
He soon realized they were sirens and lights,
Making all his senses sting.
He reached over in a completely vain attempt,
To do something to wake up Ann.
He could look at her and tell she was dead.
But his mind wouldn’t let him think then.
Finally a few words, garbled and broken,
Slipped past his bloody lips,

Joshua: “Ann… No… My fault. No!”

Then Joshua lost his grip.
He cried and screamed louder than he ever would.
Completely distraught and lost.
In his mind he’d been lazy in not walking home.
And Ann’s life was the cost.

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