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WOW15 – Homecoming Game

World Of Wrestling 15
(Homecoming Game)


“Down! Set-”
The Quarterback readied,
And Joshua tensed for the snap.
“Hike!” Came the ball into the Quarterback’s hands,
And Joshua began to scrap.

The play finished with an incomplete pass,
But Joshua was called for holding.
Joshua ran right up to the ref,
And began some severe scolding.

Joshua: “What are you talking about?!
That wasn’t a hold!
Did you forget what a hold is
Because you’re so old!?”

Joshua’s coach yelled from across the field,
And was running over to stop him.
The referee looked at the young High-schooler,
Confused why he’d argue on a whim.
Joshua was usually a quiet player,
Never arguing a call.
Then he saw Josh look in the stands,
And he understood it all.

Joshua lowered his voice and said,
“Please, man. Throw me out.”

The ref blew his whistle and tossed Joshua.
And the crowd disapproved with shouts.

The Homecoming crowd however turned to cheers,
When Joshua entered the stands,
And took a seat by his best friend in the world.
His lovely fiancee, Ann.
Ann blushed and laughed as Joshua came up,
And pulled off his shoulder pads.

Ann: “You could have played into the Third Quarter.”
Joshua: “We’ve got this game sewn up bad.”

Ann: “You’re gonna have to make it up in practice.
You know coach is going to ride you like a mule.”

Joshua: “All worth it to spend time with you, my dear.
If that’s what this costs, it’s cool.”

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