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WWW29 – Don’t Be Hasty

World Wide Warrior 29
(Don’t Be Hasty)

Man: “Welcome to my eatery.”

The man smiled and motioned to the place,
Where he had taken Braden Silversmith,
An Italian Restaurant named Kate’s.

Man: “My name is Nick Tracer.
And you’re my buddy-to-be!”

Braden: “Just tell me where Daniella is.”

Nick: “Chill kid. Don’t be hasty.”

The man pulled concealed gun from his back,
And placed it down on the bar.

Nick: “You need or want something, kid?
A drink to pour on that scar?”

Braden stood still as a stone,
Staring Nick down with a glare.

Nick: “Nothing? Well enough.
I mean, it’s only fair.
You’re the one who’s gotta figure this out.
You can decide how this goes.”

Nick opened a bottle of liquor
And held it up to his nose.

Nick: “I mean, your girl is SMOKING hot.”
He placed careful emphasis on the word.
“I wouldn’t want anything bad to happen.”

Braden: “Why not? You’re a crime-lord.”

Nick chuckled and smiled to himself,

Nick: “Yeah, kid. Sure, that’s right.
Want me to turn the fans on?
It’s a little HUMID tonight.”

Braden looked confused for a moment,
Then saw behind Nick’s smiling face,
A meaning behind the words he spoke,
And the emphasized place.
A walk-in humidoor laid just behind the bar,
With cigars inside its doors.
Braden took a stab in the dark.

Braden: “Is she behind the humidoor?”

Nick: “Give the man a cigar!”
Nick shouted,
“It only took you two tries.”

He opened the door and pulled a handle
That was hidden inside.
The interior of the humidoor opened,
And the walls slid to one side.
Nick picked up his gun and holstered it,
And motioned Braden inside.

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