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ITR39 – Real Dream

Idiot’s Guide to Illegal Tech Repair 39
(Real Dream)

Reading drivers.
Fuel low.
Shutting down…
But my soul…

Pandora: “Where are my menus and decks?”
Pandora wondered inside.
She had passed out, or so she thought-
Then she wondered if she had died.
Images began to flow by.

All abstracts at first.

But then she saw her friends and crew
Being clever and flying away,
And she knew the black hole would not catch them;
At least, it would not this day.

Then the image shifted to-
A war field with mines and battle,
Running through it took her away,
Made one feel like chattel.

“Just one more league!” Said a familiar voice,
Then the pain commenced.
Tearing, biting, breaking, searing,
With no use fighting against.

Once again the dream did shift,
They had to get away!
The black hole was coming! It would soon be here!
They could not die this day!!

Pandora: “Alright! Where’s the feeder system?”
Blayze hugged Pandora slow.
He reached around her back and found,
Her skin flap that hid controls.
Pandora felt a silent horror,-
Shiver her very soul,
As Blayze turned a knob and froze her heart,
Within the wired controls.

Panic gripped inside her mind,
As she processed this a’new.
Was this task or just a dream?
Was this why she felt askew?

The dream shifted to it’s final tone,
Gryve’s ships flea across the sky.
Toil and pain ruled the universe
Through malice and through lies.
She saw her friends being tortured,
She saw chaos and hate.
She saw that evil had won the day.
Their power was too great.

All Abstracts at last.

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