Notes Of Destiny 6
(Anything Your Heart Is Set On)

The sun was setting in the West
When Papa and Windy left.
The Fairwood Festival was not far,
And they were quick to be wary of theft.
The Festival could be rough
Once the sun had set.
And the air hummed silently
With the lingering threat.

Windy wound her way
Through the thinning crowds,
She made her way to the market square,
Where slave trade was allowed.
She found the Pirate’s simple stall,
And pointed at the young man she’d seen.
Papa Bog looked at him, and the pirates.
He didn’t look that keen.

Papa: “Windy, what do you think you’re doing?
I told you we can’t feed him.”

Windy: “You said whatever my heart is set on.
Can’t you see his situation is grim?
I’ll feed him with my own food portion.
If it comes down to that.
I’ll nurse him back to perfect health!”

Papa: “Yet another brat!”

Windy frowned and made to leave,
But Papa’s hand met her shoulder.

Papa: “For now you may take care of him.
I’ve seen you grow somehow… Bolder.
Windy, you are one of my youngest ones,
But your compassion knows no age.
I will buy the boy for you.
He will be your page.”

Papa then set negotiating,
For the young man’s release.
The fact that they’d attacked his home,
Made the talking brief.
Papa Bog bought him for next to nothing.
And the three of them went home.
And for the first time in Windy’s admittedly short life,
She felt she wasn’t alone.

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