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WOW17 – Joshua Slayter Vs. El Gato

World Of Wrestling 17
(Joshua Slayter Vs. El Gato)

The crowd booed loudly as El Gato stalked,
All around the ring.
Nose high and microphone in his hand,
He acted like he was a king.

El Gato: “You know, I won’t miss this redneck crowd.
You people never respected me!
I’m glad that I’m leaving for Mexico,
Where the fans KNOW what Lucha Libre should be!”

The crowd booed loudly,
And then music hit.
The crowd transferred their rage,
Into an excited fit.
The Bigdog ran, and slid into the ring,
A smile upon his face.
He backed El Gato into a corner,
Invading his personal space.
He grabbed the mic from Gato’s hand,
As the fans began to chant his nickname.

Joshua: “You know, I’m going to miss this place!”

And then he started the game.
He chopped El Gato in the chest,
And the ring bell signaled their start.
Joshua took complete control,
With several suplexes in a row.
He he dropped a couple elbows in,
And Gato’s get up was slow.
Gato slithered over to the ropes,
And sat, holding the middle one.
Josh came right over,
and stepped halfway through the ropes,
And then was completely stunned.

Gato stood up, and held the middle rope,
And pulled it into Joshua’s groin.
The crowd booed loudly at the cheating move,
And Joshua was quickly joined-
By the ref who checked on him,
To see if he could go on.
Or if he wanted him to disqualify Gato.
Joshua was just withdrawn.
Gato slowly picked up Josh,
And kicked him in the face.
Joshua went down like a ton of bricks,
And Gato continued at that pace.
Hitting, devastating, impactful, moves,
With sick, almost surgical, grace.

But that slow pace would suddenly be,
The thing that bit him on the rear.
As he bent over to pick Joshua up,
Josh rolled him up, and the crowd cheered.

One! Two! Counted the ref,
But Gato kicked out before three.
But Joshua held onto Gato’s leg,
And turned so Gato’s stomach would be,
Flat against the canvas mat,
As he locked in half of “The Krunch.”
He howled and pulled Gato’s other leg,
In Southern, ‘He ate Gato’s Lunch!’

Gato didn’t take long at all.
He tapped incessantly.
He didn’t want to injure himself,
Before he got to Mexico City.
And so the bell rang for the last time,
In NGPW, for these two.
They stood up, breathing hard and ragged,
Both a lot more to do.
And for a short moment the two remembered,
All that they had been through.
They shook hands and shared a quick hug in that ring.
Then they went off to pursue-
The fame and fortune they couldn’t find,
In North Georgia Pro Wrestling’s halls.
And in less than 30 minutes form then,
Josh would leave for the ‘Grand ball.’

Later in 2010, back at the diner.

Gary: “This is where it comes to us.
Back where you met him.
I hope that match tells you something of his character,
And the scrappy heart he holds within.”

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