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WWW16 – Army Dave’s

World Wide Warrior 16
(Army Dave’s)

Braden: “This is not at all what I meant.”
Braden said with a puzzled face.
“I was thinking some kind of protest.

Rayen: “Braden, we must give chase!
Do you not realize, the skills between us two?
Your skills in combat and athleticism,
And my computer abilities too?
I know exactly what to do.
You just have to trust me!”

Braden: “Grandma what could we need from a an army surplus store?”

Rayen: “Braden, pay close attention.
This is something that must be.”

The sign above the door read “Army Dave’s”
And there were broken down jeeps outside.
Green camouflage littered the exterior
As well as everything inside.
American flags and hunting knives,
Military tools and spades,
And in more protected cabinets,
Firearms and grenades.

While Braden wandered around the store,
Rayen got to work,
And with each item she picked up,
Braden felt the irk-
To tell her to stop this crazy idea,
There was nothing that they could do,
But the more he thought about the plan she’d given him,
The more he realized, it was true.

No one believed the tape they found,
Or else, they didn’t care.
California was so gleefully ignorant.
So blissfully unaware
Of the dangers that presented themselves from other lands,
And even from people within.
He realized even if he didn’t act,
War could certainly begin.

Rayen: “I’m ready to go!” Rayen smiled,
And motioned to three baskets on her arms.

They were filled to the brim with odds and ends,
And it still raised Braden’s alarm.
He wasn’t sure this plan was right,
Though he was protecting others from harm.

Braden: “Maybe we should put some back.
We don’t want the cashier to think-”

Rayen: “That we’re some kind of terrorists
And throw us into the clink?
I have a concealed carry permit,
And documentation galore.
And once we’ve bought these few items,
We’ll be stronger when we walk out that door.
Remember, we not only have the things we buy here.”
She leaned forward and lowered her voice.
“We have your tomahawk, Shadowlash.
And we have no other choice.”

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