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WOW16 – Diner Talk With Gary

World Of Wrestling 16
(Diner Talk With Gary)

Jessica took a seat in what must have been,
The oldest Waffle House ever.
It was late at night, but she had a good day.
Gary’s students were clever.
She decided she enjoyed teaching wrestling,
And would have to do it again.
Gary Horner sat down with her,

Gary Horner: “Thanks for helping us train.”

Jessica: “Not a problem.” She said with a smile,
“The pleasure was all mine.
But now we can finally take a seat and talk.
Time to let it unwind.”

Gary smiled and ordered his food.
And Jessica did the same.
Then Gary took a sip of his coffee, and said,

Gary: “What’s this visit’s aim?”

Jessica: “I want to know more about Joshua Slayter.
He’s really impressed me so far.
I think with the proper guidance,
He could really be a star.”

Gary smiled even broader,
As she mentioned Josh to him.
And she thought there was something father-
In that graying man’s grin.

Gary: “Joshua Slayter… Can I tell you about-
His last match here in town?”

Jessica: “Sure! I’d love to hear about it!”

Gary: “It was at Ball Ground Beatdown…”

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