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WOW11 – Connections

World Of Wrestling 11


Jessica finally found the number,
Of the man she was looking for.
She dialed the number carefully
Not knowing exactly what was in store.
The phone rang two or three times before
It was picked a little old man in a corner.

Gary: “Wrestling School.” Is how he answered the phone.

Jessica: “Is this Gary Horner?”

Gary: “It is ma’am. What can I do for you?”

Jessica: “This is Jessica Valero.
I’d like to come down, visit and teach-
I’ve got some things to ask you about,
And it’s the very least-
I could do, giving back to newbies.
When could I drop in?”

Gary: “Anytime you want to Jessica.
Are you working this weekend?”

Jessica: “No. I haven’t been booked much lately.
I’m kind of on the bad list.
I’d be down for your afternoon class
On Saturday. You okay with this?”

Gary: “That’s be perfect Jessica.
I’m sorry, I need to get back to this class.”

Jessica: “You have a good day, Gary.
And keep being a very cool cat.”

Jessica was thankful for men like Gary-
As she hung up the phone.
They made sure wrestlers slowly losing popularity
Always had a home.
But she hoped even more he’d know more about Josh
And maybe have some tips
On what made The Big Dog the way he was-
On what exactly made him tick.


The sandbox was a lonely place.
Nobody else wanted to play,
All the homeschooled kids swung swings-
And played monkey bars all day.
But Ann Richards liked to build things.
More than anything else.
She’d build her kingdom of Sandonia.
Even if it was by herself.

Then a boy came strolling along,
And looked over what she’d made.

Joshua: “You make really really cool sandcastles.”

Ann: “Thanks. Do you want to play?”

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