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WOW14 – Joshua Slayter & El Gato Vs. The Kirby Brothers

World Of Wrestling 14
(Joshua Slayter & El Gato Vs. The Kirby Brothers)


Out in the ring, two tag teams stood,
The Kirbys holding championship belts.
Their challengers argued who would start off.
But this wasn’t easily dealt.

Joshua: “I’m gonna start! Back off, cat!
This show is my show now!”

El Gato: “Make me, Josh, you simpering fool.
If you think you’re starting… Wow. Just wow.”

Gato turned toward center-ring,
And was met by a clothesline from a Kirby.
Billy, the clean-shaven, high flying master,
Was pummelling Gato in a hurry!
Soon the Kirbys were on their game plan.
With quick tags both in and out,
Taking turns dishing out pain on El Gato.
And Joshua laughed at the bout.

Joshua: “Need a break partner?
You could give me a tag!”

Then Gato fired up and pressed.
Trying to get past
The Kirby Brothers,
And get back to his proverbial nest.
But as soon as Gato got to his corner,
The Big Dog dropped to the floor.
El Gato got a belly to back suplex from Randy,
And dropped on his neck, hardcore.

Joshua climbed back up on the apron.
And reached for the tag this time.
The Kirby’s took too long to follow up their attack,
And El Gato howled with a whine.
He threw himself at his corner in pain,
And tagged Joshua on his palm.
Joshua entered and cleaned house on the Kirbys,
Punctuating it with a powerbomb.

Josh then went to run off the ropes, but was tripped,
By Gato on the outside.
He stared at the sneaky cat down below.

Gato: “This is a matter of pride!”

Josh turned to the ring and was hit by a kick,
That normally would shatter one’s teeth.
Billy Kirby delivered a superkick,
That was as crisp as it was neat.
The second El Gato saw this attack,
He walked straight to the locker room.
\Joshua was dazed and wobbling around.

Randy yelled: “Zord of Doom!”

The crowd went nuts as Randy raised Josh up,
In a powerbomb position.
Billy went up to the top rope,
And he had a mission.
The two had shown off this move many times,
Double-teaming to put one away.
Billy leaped off with a double foot stomp,
Sending Josh to the mat in a daze.
Billy’s boots collided with Josh’s chest,
And Randy brought the powerbomb down hard.
And everyone who even witnessed the impact,
Was instantly, completely, jarred.

The crowd counted along with the ref,
But the ref only got to two!
Joshua kicked out of the Zord of Doom!
Something no one else would ever do.
The Kirbys stared at one another, completely aghast,
And Randy yelled to Billy: “Again!”

The crowd was split at this moment in time,
not sure whether to cheer the men-
Who’d become their champions, no matter the slog,
Or to cheer on the impulsive,
Yet hungry, Big Dog.

Once again, Billy Kirby went up to the top,
And Randy tried to lift Josh in place.
Joshua pushed Randy as hard as he could,
Randy hit Billy with little grace.
Billy fell down and got crotched on the turnbuckle,
He silently screamed out in pain.
He then fell to the floor on the outside,
And in this match didn’t rise again.
Joshua pulled Randy from behind,
by his leg,
Into the middle of the canvas.
He howled and motioned for his signature leglock,
And the crowd was looking anxious.
Billy tried to get to the ropes,
And then tried to get out with a punch.
But then the Bigdog locked it right in,
His signature K9 Krunch.

(Back with Randy Kirby telling the story to Jessica)

Randy Kirby: “It was a stepover toe-hold
with an inverted half-crab,
And it killed like you wouldn’t believe.
I held on for as long as I could, but soon,
It was just time to leave.
I tapped out to Josh in the middle of that ring,
And he won Tag Team gold on his own.
Then he got hot and cut a promo on El Gato,
And now you see why he was alone.
Sure, El Gato overreacted, After-all,
Josh eventually tagged in.”

Jessica: “That’s crazy. Thanks for sharing that, Randy.
Now I know where to begin.
Do you think he has some lone-wolf complex?
If you’ll pardon the pun-ish k9 term?”

Randy: “I don’t know, Jessica. I really don’t.
But back then, he had a lot to learn.”

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