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WOW4 – The Big Dog’s Bark

World Of Wrestling 4
(The Big Dog’s Bark)

Jessica roamed the halls
Talking to whoever she saw.
But no one was willing to cross
Will Rothschild’s power and awe.
So as Jessica went past catering
For the eleventh time,
The Atlantyx and Keri Starr decided
It was time to play with her mind.

Keri approached from catering,
Smiling as she walked.

Keri: “How we doing Supergirl?
How was Rothschild’s talk?”

Before she could even answer
Mack and BJ stepped up from behind.

Mack: “Girl, you’d be insane to fight us tonight!”

“You guys are lame.
No spilling food on me, Keri?
Or are you afraid to see,
My title belt you’re wearing
Getting all gross and messy?”

Keri smiled and nodded.
Mack and BJ attacked.
They grabbed Jess’ arms at the wrists,
And held them behind her back.

Keri got right in Jess’ face,
And smiled until her cheeks hurt.

Keri: “You will never take this title from me, you silly little squirt.”

Keri ran her hands along her gold belt,
And Mack whispered in Jess’ ear,
“Besides, you’ve got a lot more tonight,
Of which you should be in fear.”

Jessica looked and saw some red
In her periphery.
Mack was yanked back by his nostrils,
And Jessica pulled free.
She saw the rookie she’d met earlier,
About to stand toe to toe,
With all six-foot-six of BJ Bass.
Then Keri Starr yelled,

Keri: “Whoa!
Save it for the ring neanderthals!”

Joshua: “You punks be glad I got a nap!
Jessica needs a partner tonight?
Guess what? I got her back!”

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