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GOA111 – Parting Ways

Guardians Of Atlanta 111
(Parting Ways)

The combat was fierce
Between Marlynn and Will.
As each other fought violently
Looking for the kill.
Suddenly “Finish Him!”
Was heard from the game,
And Marlynn’s blue ninja
Had William’s yellow one tamed.
The Guardians cheered
As they ate their snacks,
And The Castelle echoed softly
With all the fun and laughs.

It had been a week since Stone Mountain.
A week spent in celebration,
For the defeat of Harbingella,
And all The Plague’s intentions.
So as William arose, drew a toast with cream soda.

William: “I admit defeat. I will sing my coda.”

Cyrus, Bobby, and Amy, laughed and applauded.
Then William continued,

William: “I think I have a place for you to be slotted.
You’ve been an asset, Marlynn,
And We’ve both much to learn.
I about you,
And I’ll teach you in return,
About God’s word, and to be a part of a team.
What say you, Marlynn?
What say you of this scheme?”

Marlynn thought for a moment,
But in the end, sighed.

Marlynn: “I’m sorry, Will, but I must think of Amy.
She’s the light of my life.
She was a person before Keller Industries took that from her.
And I want to see who she really is.
So from your offer, I must deter.
It’s back to New York, for Amy and I.
You understand, Will.
You understand why.”

Amy came over
 and held Marlynn’s long hand.
The two together were so different,
Yet together they could stand.

William: “I respect your decision, Mar.
You’re a man of great taste.
A woman who’s been through what she has,
Has a great measure of God’s grace.”

Marlynn: “I’m thankful to Him,
but also to all of you.
Without the Guardians of Atlanta,
I don’t what we’d do.”

Amy: “And I am thankful doubly so.
I am thankful for my life.
I’m thankful for the strength God gave you all.
To stand up and take the fight.”

Amira came over to Will,
And held his hand with a smile.

Amy: “I pray the strength, kindness,
and courage you show,
Never go out of style.
But of all the things I learned through this,
This at last I hope everyone knows.
For this is the mark of true courage,
This is how it goes…
Do not fear the blood of the ancients.
They only posture in jest.
For as long as Christ is the Lord of your life,
His heart beats in your chest.”

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