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GOA91 – Something Familiar

Guardians Of Atlanta 91
(Something Familiar)

The Guardians and Marlynn
together snuck around
to the side of Stone Mountain
That was the least drowned
In knights under the guidance
Of Brock Townsend,
But even then they knew they’d face some.
And they would not be their friends.
Instead they’d have to take them out,
One by one quietly.
But they could do it all together.
If they treaded lightly.

Cyrus stuck close to William.
The two had much to say.
But William was keeping quiet,
So Cyrus spoke away.

Cyrus: “Will, Did you notice
Eclipse earlier today?
There was something familiar about her.
And I know that sounds cliche.
But I really mean it. Something in her eyes
Is comforting to me.”

William: “I didn’t notice that.
But who knows? There very well could be
A connection somewhere.
But is it important right now?”

Cyrus: “Maybe not right this second.
But it’s important somehow.”

William shrugged and whistled a tune
He hadn’t in a long time.
Then a connection to why he whistled it
Rocketed through his mind.
He’d heard Eclipse hum it earlier to herself,
But he’d heard it somewhere before that.
Something sweet from long ago,
before his memories were intact.

He pondered this for a few more steps,
Then they were spotted by someone.


Came the gruff voice of a man,
It was time to fight or run.

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