Guardians Of Atlanta 24 (Escape) The blackness felt like it lasted forever But an instant went by before the blackout was severed. William’s head bled from the flat of Brock’s axe Everything happening seemed to be going too fast. He blinked as he stared through the […]
Guardians Of Atlanta 25 (Lies) Many things happened in the next few days. Many things happened as deception was ablaze Immediately following William’s escape, Fortune wounded her arm with her own blade. She did it to give herself an alibi. For who knew who was telling […]
Guardians Of Atlanta 26 (Questions) In the halls of Alethea Church, Fortune spoke with her friends, About how things with Master Fenris and William Just seemed to have no end. Fortune: “I’m telling you, it seems as if- Everything is stalled, Master Fenris’s healing, And William […]
Guardians Of Atlanta 27 (Cut Off) Back upon the night when William fled, He stayed to the woods out of fear and dread. But he followed the highway, staying out of sight, For he was in no shape to continue a fight. Blood trickled down the […]
Guardians Of Atlanta 28 (Enemy Number One) After weeks of William’s absence, And Fenris’s comatose state, Master Dodd called the Knights together, For a briefing on things as of late. The auditorium was packed with knights, Dames and folks from Church, And Malachi Dodd’s eyes scanned […]
Guardians Of Atlanta 29 (The Castelle) Fire burned in William’s heart, as blood ran down his head. He wanted to fight, but all he could do was run and hide instead. He hiked to Atlanta and once he arrived near Turner Field he saw An old […]
Guardians Of Atlanta 30 (Obedience) (This poem is from the point of view of Brock Townsend) O’Sally’s was our usual haunt, Me and Tyson Holmes. We sat at our usual booth, In the corner alone. We ordered our usual drinks And our usual food, But after […]
Guardians Of Atlanta 31 (Mr. H Makes A Move) Fortune began to grow restless as the months went by. Fenris was growing weaker. She thought he might even die. It was time to take some measures, though drastic they might be. It was time to choose […]
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