Guardians Of Atlanta 9
(The Hymn of The Knights of Adonai)

So far in this tale we’ve followed Cyrus
And the losses that she survived,
Of slowly losing her small-town home
And then losing her boyfriend’s life.
That tale will continue as we progress,
But for now, another’s tale comes in view,
Follow along and all will make sense,
Trust the story I’m about to tell you.

It begins with a hymn written many years ago,
When an organization arrived
Upon the shores of North America
Through toil, wind, and strife.
This hymn is written as a teaching tool
For those who would join the company
Of the Parachurch group, The Knights of Adonai,
Listen closely and you’ll see.

See The Knights of Adonai.
From Britain’s shores they come.
To the new land- America.
To seek and serve The Son.
Their garments shining brightly,
Their hallelujahs sing,
To one and one alone.
Their God, Jehovah, King.

Laud the Knights of Adonai
Who long ago did fight,
And sought to serve The Lord
With honor, strength and might.
Their Lord has given heritage
O’er all the world abroad,
Through History the Knights
Sang praises unto God

Bless The Knights of Adonai,
Who claim the wayward Souls.
Who train up Lord and Lady,
Who shield from storm and cold.
Bless them all thrice times over,
Jehovah, El Shaddai!
Give souls for good labor,
To the Knights of Adonai.

Strengthen The Knights of Adonai
So that they may protect-
The saints who live abroad,
And those within their nest.
Give them valor in battle
And give them skill with sword.
Both physical and spiritual,
Both steel and God’s Great Word.

Humble The Knights of Adonai.
Do not let them be vain.
Let their one and only boast,
Be in The One who came.
In their Savior Jesus Christ
Who’s at The Father’s side.
Make lowly Knights of Adonai
Exalt The Church, His Bride.

Keep The Knights of Adonai
Protect them in their path.
Defend them from their enemies.
Crush evil in your wrath.
Their refuge and strong tower
When fire surrounds all.
Guard your Guardians, Adonai.
Guard them, Lord of All.

Love The Knights of Adonai
Forgive them for their sins.
Hold the Knights of Adonai
To Heaven bring them in.
Let them sing praise forever,
As you reciprocate,
The rare unspeakable love,
That only you create.

Hi I’m Joshua, and I’m resurrecting Epic Poetry for modern nerds like you! Come join me at JoshuaDavidLing.com or just about anywhere on social media!

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