Guardians Of Atlanta 58 (Legend of The Jana Jukembar) That night, rain poured down on most of the Peach State. And while the guardians were feeling great, Clipper met once again with the bald man To discuss his ever-growing and evolving plan. Bald Man: “So, I […]
Guardians Of Atlanta 59 (That Fateful Day) The hot summer sun of Atlanta beat down The streets were lined with singing birds. The laughter of Children, glittered the lawn Of one Maxwell Jenkins the Third. The shadow of Turner field lay a stone’s throw away. And […]
Guardians Of Atlanta 60 (Mirrorless) I’m just a little girl How can this even be? Just yesterday my sister breathed Her last breath instantly. And the only father I’ve ever known Is gone forever too What am I supposed to say Or even do? Will anyone […]
Guardians Of Atlanta 61 (The Lonely Twin) It had been a very bad day for Amira All those years ago. But even on the verge of 18, Her body had refused to grow. She suffered from the simple fact That her body looked like a child, […]
Guardians Of Atlanta 62 (The Mayor’s Party) When Amira and Keri arrived at the party, The ballroom was lavish and grand. Chandeliers, punch-fountains, and a hardwood dance floor Were among this party’s great span Of decorations and amenities. Amira had never seen the like. And she […]
Guardians Of Atlanta 63 (A Hidden Talent) The fury of the men with swords was great. And in number they were many. Some were immediately caught in force-fields But their numbers were just too plenty. William jumped into the fray And fought back against these men. […]
Guardians Of Atlanta 64 (The Mayor’s Proposal) Following the skirmish with the rogue knights, The party got back to normal. Things were cleaned up and the Mayor insisted To continue the special formal. Many went home, but many stayed, And celebrated Warren James. Who had just […]
Guardians Of Atlanta 65 (Is This Home?) Upon arriving at the Mayor’s house, It was dark and very late. Yet still the wonderful lay of his mansion Seemed infinitely great. Amira marveled at all she saw there The fanciest of fancy things. Antique furniture, Golden picture […]
Guardians Of Atlanta 66 (Miss Keri) Keri: “Well, that was a crazy night.” Keri Willis said as she entered- Her apartment without Amira And took a deep breath to get centered. “I’m so glad she’s finally gone. I was getting so sick of her.” Then she […]
Guardians Of Atlanta 67 (Unwelcome) When Amira awoke, she felt quite a sensation. Four distinct vibes hummed within her, All with no explanation. When she opened her eyes, She saw 3 men, And the fourth one was a woman. She rubbed her forehead from the drugs […]
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