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GOA31 – Mr. H Makes A Move

Guardians Of Atlanta 31
(Mr. H Makes A Move)

Fortune began to grow restless as the months went by.
Fenris was growing weaker. She thought he might even die.
It was time to take some measures, though drastic they might be.
It was time to choose a side, and save her Christian Family.
One day while out on her own, she dialed an old friend.
He answered with a computerized voice that came from the other end.

“Hello?” Came a voice, steely and cold.

“This is Shieldmaiden, Mr. H. I have a tale to behold.
The Knights of Adonai have nearly split in two.
No one knows why, and I don’t know what to do.”

“Start from the beginning.” Said the robotic voice.

“Mr. H, you have to believe me! I had no other choice!
Master Dodd betrayed Fenris and imprisoned him.
Please Mr. H! Help me! This is all looking so grim!
One of his students is being hunted down too!
Please help me Mr. H! I don’t know what to do!”

“One of my agents.” H. Spoke, “Said Andy’s Carnival is a distraction.”
And it seems that floating objects, can be seen around Stone Mountain.
If the Knights of Adonai are involved, we’re going to need some help.
Who is this student they’re hunting? What hand will he be dealt?”

“I don’t know what’s to happen to him. But William is his name.
He’s the strongest, and best the Knights have to offer, and he’s above their shame.
I’ve been friends with him since childhood, and if you help him, I’ve no doubt,
That he will aid COURAGE, and root this evil out.”

“It is all decided then. William will lead the way.
I will send agents to rescue him.
But do not forget to pray.
COURAGE is strong but perhaps not for long.
We cannot afford to wait.
We must destroy this evil. Before it is too late.”

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