Guardians Of Atlanta 50
(Hidden Plans)

In a small office room in Alethea Church
Dodd entertained some clients.
A man in a suit and short haircut
Who seemed completely self-reliant.
But the man who commanded the most attention
Sat relaxed with them.
He was a man in his 40’s with a bald head,
And glee was his face’s anthem.

Bald Man: “You’ve done well, Dodd.
I’ve been impressed.
You’ve gone much further-
Than I’ve asked.”

Self-reliant Man: “Still Stone Mountain is not ready yet.
And your followers have made sure of that.”

Dodd: “I’ve proved to you that a few rogue knights-
Are not a problem, Clipper.
I’ve adjusted my plans accordingly.”

Bald Man: “Yes you have. And Thank you for the dinner.”

The bald man got up and began to pace
And think through things to say.

Bald Man: “While there have been some setbacks,
few stand in our way.
Now if only Phillip would work harder in New York
This whole business would be behind us.
Do you have some more pork?”

Clipper passed the pork and replied,

Clipper: “I’m headed there myself.
I’ll earn your pride.
I’ll be there to Personally oversee
That the girl is properly prepared for what you plan her to be.”

Bald Man: “Good Clipper, good.”

Dodd: “Who is this girl?”

Clipper: “Something by our contract that
can’t be unfurled.”

Bald Man: “Just understand Dodd,
you’ll help your community.
And isn’t that exactly what you want to be?
A helper to those less fortunate than you?”

Master Dodd looked down and replied,

Dodd: “I do.”

Bald Man: “Well then, thank you for the meal, but I must go.”

Clipper: “I as well, Dodd. See you at the show.”

The two left and Dodd sat there all alone.
But a moment later, behind a curtain, a bright orange skirt was shown.

Dodd stood up and moved toward the curtain.
He pulled it back and discovered Fortune Anderson.

Dodd: “Fortune?” He said as she swallowed nervously.
Dodd: “Were you eavesdropping?” Fortune said-

Fortune: “Surely.”

Dodd: “Come with me please, Fortune, we need to talk.”

He grabbed Fortune’s arm, and she walked with Master Dodd.

Hi I’m Joshua, and I’m resurrecting Epic Poetry for modern nerds like you! Come join me at JoshuaDavidLing.com or just about anywhere on social media!

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