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WWW22 – Daniella’s Birthday

World Wide Warrior 22
(Daniella’s Birthday)

The following night Braden went,
To celebrate his girlfriend’s birthday.
He arrived unfashionably early,
To help with the setup for the day.
He heard the silky laugh,
From Daniella’s chocolate lips
As he entered the gate to her backyard
And was overcome like an eclipse.

Daniella’s little sisters,
Pranced around her and played,
Shooting Silly String at her.
In many colors she was arrayed.

Just as he was about to beckon,
To his favorite girl,
He was thumped on the back by-
His best friend in the world.

Jonathan: “Dude! How’s it hanging?
What’s going on with you?”

Braden: “Here to help setup, dude.
I assume you too?”

Daniella swaggered over to Braden,
And kissed him on the cheek.

Daniella: “I hope you two are here to help,
And not just to sneak-
Some of my mom’s party tamales.”

Jonathan: “Why would I do that?”

The three of them smiled and laughed together,
And soon the party commenced.
People came from all over LA,
To the party within their fence.

The DJ blasted hip-hop tunes,
Everyone sang and danced.
Then a particular song came on,
And the whole party turned into a trance.

The sea of dancers parted,
And Braden locked eyes with Daniella.
A few piano notes struck with a beat,
And then the words: “My cinderella.”

It was the song that they held dear.
The two came close and began to dance.
Everybody ooh-ed and cheered-
At this ongoing romance.

After the song finished,
The DJ played one more.
Nobody was a wallflower then.
They all got on the dance floor.

As the night wrapped up,
And the stars flew in the sky,
Daniella, Jonathan and Braden
Just sat as time went by.
Braden silently wished,
That this night would never end-
With the girl he loved beside
his one true best friend.

But he knew the day would end.
And the Warrior would be needed.
This stressed him out more than his friends knew,
And more than Braden heeded.

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