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SHA16 – Birth of Heroes

Superhero Alliance Patrol Ensemble 16
(Birth Of Heroes)

When court reconvened, there was little leftover-
For the court to hear. It was almost over.
Dana then called her Uncle to the Stand.
And his silliness shrunk away, He stood tall and grand.

Dana: “David Daniels, Captain Majestic
Please give your perspective on these events so tragic?”

David took a deep breath
And began to speak
And the words that he spoke
Made some in the room weep.

David: “Brightest and strongest, these heroes in our care,
Let not bureaucratic rules, their spirits ensnare.
For arbitrary milestones, shall not define,
The readiness of those whose destinies align.

Academic shackles, we must cast aside,
To let their brilliance and strength freely abide.
The world calls upon them, even when not prepared,
Their valor and vigor, the world’s burdens they’ll bear.

The call to heroism, it knows no delay,
Nor waits for diplomas or time’s passing sway.
We must trust in their potential, raw and unbound,
For heroes emerge, when challenges abound.

The confines of paperwork, we must transcend,
And see beyond rules that fail to comprehend,
The depth of their passion, their courage untamed,
Unyielding determination, forever remain.

The world has relied on heroes who dared,
To rise in the face of challenges, their will unimpaired.
No milestones can measure their uncharted might,
For it dwells in their spirit, forever taking flight.

Hold them not back, these heroes so bright,
Arbitrary measures cannot dim their light.
Empower their dreams, let them soar high,
And surpass expectations that dare to defy.

In moments untested, their valor shall bloom,
A symphony of courage that dispels all the gloom.
For readiness lies not in academic decree,
But in their unwavering spirit, wild and free.

The world yearns for their strength, their resolute stand,
Our duty as mentors, to extend a guiding hand.
Unleash their potential, let destiny unfold,
Together we’ll forge a future of stories yet untold.

So, heed this call, guardians of justice and might,
Let heroes rise, their hearts shining bright.
In this courtroom of dreams, let wisdom be heard,
For the heroes of tomorrow, measure every word.

Thank you.”

Judge Hemingway thanked him, and turned to retire and make his decision.

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