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GOA42 – A Circus Girl

Guardians Of Atlanta 42
(A Circus Girl)

Once there was a little girl
Born into a carnival.
She never knew who her parents were.
She was raised by them all.
This was the tradition amongst the band-
Of misfits with life on the road,
All children at Uncle Andy’s
Would help to share the load.
And the load of their being would be shared,
By all members within that tribe.
Many generations had done this before,
And it made them full of pride.

But back to our girl, she was raised,
Like many children before,
And she grew into an act of her own,
And learned many tricks and stored-
All of them within her heart and mind
In a manner quite bohemian.
She became a fortune teller,
A tricky “psychic” medium.

Her success gained her much acclaim,
And after a hard day’s work,
She’d raise a glass or two or eight-
And dance for joy and sport.

Yet all of this partying glee gave way-
To the thing that she feared most.
To continue the cycle of child neglect-
And she had become a host.
A host to a little baby boy in her womb
Who she would be told to let go-
And be a part of the carnival’s working troupe
She would not let this be so.

She vowed within herself to tell him,
When he became old enough,
That she was his mother. She didn’t care.
What could they do? What?
She would love her child as her own
And keep it a secret between them two.
Jemima gave birth and named the child Bobby.
And they stuck together like glue.

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