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Challenge (WWW26) – Poetry for Warriors Daily (Ep. 49)

Braden follows the directions on the paper he received, leading him to an old hangar just outside of town. As he approaches the side door and presents the paper to the doorman, he is granted entry without further hesitation. Inside, he is met with the sight of a circle drawn in the sand, where two fighters are engaged in an intense bare-knuckle brawl. Determined to fulfill his purpose, Braden raises his voice above the uproar, announcing his intention to challenge Spicy McLain. The entire crowd in the hangar falls silent, staring at Braden with incredulity. A confident red-headed man, Spicy McLain, steps forward, discards his shirt, and suggests that Braden may not be ready for the fight. Unfazed, Braden shoves Spicy, igniting the crowd’s excitement. Spicy prepares to face Braden in the ring, and with pride beaming in his eyes, Braden follows suit, ready to engage in their showdown.

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