Guardians Of Atlanta 32 (Sleight Of Hand) The last time we left Cyrus Jones, She was given a proposition over the phone. That strange Mr. H had a mission for Cy, A mission that required a local spy. And so she went to a traveling carnival, […]
Guardians Of Atlanta 33 (The Man Behind The Magic) After the tantalizing magic show, Cyrus followed Bobby through the crowds. He went around a corner, and when Cyrus came around- He looked puffed up, strong, and proud. He said: “What a show, wasn’t it, Ma’am? 
I’m […]
Guardians Of Atlanta 34 (Uncle Andy’s Amazing Carnival) This poem is from the perspective of Uncle Andy, AKA James Rigger. What a pretty girl, what a pretty girl, Struttin’ right up to my trailer, please! What a pretty girl, what a pretty girl, Struttin’ right up […]
Guardians Of Atlanta 35 (The Lights of Madame Jemima) Cyrus left Uncle Andy’s trailer, Not much said and not much gained. But one lead led her to Madame Jemima. She determined this talk would not be in vain. She had her suspicions about Uncle Andy, but […]
Guardians Of Atlanta 36 (Purple Shadows) Shadows flow in the darkness, creeping inside my head. Shadows, they all surround me, filling my heart with dread. Silence, it is oppressive. Noises, they shake my bones. Fear grips with awesome power even a strong Cyclone. A misty, purple-black […]
Guardians Of Atlanta 37 (You’re Making Me Frustrated) Cyrus awoke in Jemima’s tent. She sat up, her back creaked, her energy was spent. She rose and looked but no one was around. She peeked outside that purple tent, and here is what she found: Bobby Carter […]
Guardians Of Atlanta 38 (Slow Down And Think) Following the argument with Cyrus Jones, Bobby Carter met with Jemima alone. The two found a place in the nearby woods where they could talk privately, and be understood. Jemima: “She’s working very hard to find out what’s […]
Guardians Of Atlanta 39 (My Power, My Carnival!) Uncle Andy was on the stage that was set.The crowd seemed immune to the lingering threat.The air was thick with the power of frightas James Rigger, (Uncle Andy) pulled out his scythe. Uncle Andy: “No need for alarm!” […]
Guardians Of Atlanta 40 (Introducing The Great Phantasma) Just as James was giving his speech The speakers fed-back with a terrible screech. Following that, came an announcer’s cry. The side-show caller type, puffed up, and spry. “Come one, come all!” came the voice in a blast. […]
Guardians Of Atlanta 41 (And The Show Goes On) A little while later, the police arrived and took Uncle Andy to jail. The clowns were rounded up, everyone was questioned, and justice did not fail. Cyrus stuck around to see the rest of the carnival meet. […]
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