The Rhyming Little Mermaid 1 (Tales of Manfolk) Once underneath the Mediterranean Sea, There lived many people like you and me. But they were also unlike us too, These people who lived in the waters blue. They were merfolk, with long fishy tails, That had rainbow […]
The Rhyming Little Mermaid 2 (Witnessing Manfolk) When Serena turned 16, She swam as fast as she could Up to the surface to see the Manfolk, That they might be understood. And when her head broke through the surface What do you think she saw? A […]
The Rhyming Little Mermaid 3 (Captivated) And so the days went on and on. Every other, Serena surfaced. Trying to catch a glimpse of Prince Silas. Her curiosity she serviced. She learned many things About Manfolk and land. And she praised Creator for- The amazing work […]
The Rhyming Little Mermaid 4 (The Sea-Witch) Phineas gave Serena good directions To that lowly part of the sea. The desolate seascape all around her Made her want to hide or flee. She’d never seen the sea so empty, So dark, with so little life. But […]
The Rhyming Little Mermaid 5 (Adrift) In came the air into newly formed lungs. Back it went out in a blast. Serena opened her eyes and saw new legs, She was absolutely aghast! She felt them with her old hands And found Smoothness like her skin. […]
The Rhyming Little Mermaid 6 A True Friend And so the wheel of time turned round In Serena‘s simple life. The people of the palace took care of her. With kindness they were rife. But nothing compared to her best friend Silas, The Prince with kindness […]
 The Rhyming Little Mermaid 7 (The Duty of a Prince) One evening in the palace, While rain poured down outside, Silas found Serena in the kitchen, So he pulled her aside. Into a side room he took her, Where they could speak privately. Silas: “How […]
The Rhyming Little Mermaid 8 (The Princess of Galatia) A few weeks later, Silas-
Hosted a special ball, Welcoming the Princess Demi, To his palace’s ivory halls. She’d arrive in about an hour Into the party’s festivities, Serena tugged on Silas, And she didn’t have to say […]
The Rhyming Little Mermaid 9 (In The Garden) After Silas and Demi danced, They retired to the royal garden. The guards surrounded the ivy-ed gates And their hearts did the opposite of harden. They were now alone and could speak- All that was on their mind. […]
The Rhyming Little Mermaid 10 (Heart Shatter) All the crowd had gathered ’round, For the re-introduction of the Prince, And the re-introduction of the Princess of Galatia, Together, they were a great presence. They ascended to the royal dais, To stand with the Queen and King. […]
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