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GOA108 – All Is Revealed

Guardians Of Atlanta 108
(All Is Revealed)

Marlynn’s prayer was answered shortly,
When his friends, The Guardians, found him.
Amira rushed in and held his head,
He possibly had broken some limbs.
As The Guardians stepped into the cave chamber,
Harbingella swaggered like a peacock.

Harbingella: “Well well, The Guardians of Atlanta.
Isn’t this a shock?
My little lost ones,
Haven’t you learned yet?
You can’t stop what’s destiny.
Why do you whine and fret?”

Marlynn sputtered blood and struggled to speak.

Marlynn: “That isn’t Amy talking now!
She’s possessed by a legendary witch!

Harbingella: “To save her you don’t know how!
Aww, poor little Freakshow, beaten and bloodied,
When will you ever learn?”

William: “I believe this very moment,
He’s the least of your concern.”

William drew into his hand,
Cromwell his greatsword.
Harbingella frowned at this gesture,
Yawned, and looked quite bored.

Harbingella: “Over the hills you’ve travelled long,
Yet you have never found,
The story of your mother, William.
Yet she stands before you now.”

William: “My mother is dead.” said William bluntly,

Harbingella: “Well, not to be contrary,
But just as Connor Murdoch’s parts are in me,
So are Holly Avery’s”

William wretched as Harbingella smiled
And to Amira, turned her attention.

Harbingella: “You see, Amira, Keller industries
Have made some amazing inventions.
Including ones to save peoples’ lives,
By cadaver parts. But their intentions
With this girl were not so pure, I’m afraid to say.
Their purpose was a vessel to raise me.
And your Freakshow showed me the way!”

Amira: “Intimidate us all you want!
You will never win!”

Harbingella: “I think not, Jana Jukembar.
For you fight against your twin.”

Bobby: “Alright now, this is getting silly!
I know, right? You’re Tamara too!
My Closest thing to a girlfriend once,
Talk is over! Come on, witchypoo!
You may have bits of our friends in you
To raise you, or some crap!
It’s time to put you down, Harbingella!
Time to take a nap!”

This flustered Harbingella finally,
So she took the first shot.
A blast like a sound wave levelled The Guardians,
And to their backs, they dropped.
William went to pull himself up,
But Harbingella held him down.

Harbingella: “Naughty William! Why do you struggle?
Why do you make Mommy frown?”

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