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GOA8 – Electric Shock

Guardians Of Atlanta 8
(Electric Shock)

When they arrived back, the stars shined brightly, unconcealed.
They stared through the black, at something gleaming in the nearby field.
Cyrus went to check it out, but it floated up off the ground.
Connor gave a shout, and Cyrus ran at the sound.
The chase began, they ran and ran,

But Cyrus fell and gave a yell.
Connor turned back, and jumped in the way,
But that shiny machine… took his life away.

With one electric shock,
his heart began to slow to a stop.
Cyrus held him for a few,
and he told her “I love you.”
Connor slipped away, and a storm came that day.
But from Cyrus’s eyes alone,
came the thunder’s loud groans.
And the raindrops wailed and bemoaned…
Cyrus Jones, who was all alone.

This may seem quick but I tell it that way,
To make you feel what Cyrus felt that day.
The adversity the angel promised of her,
was beginning, All in a blur.
And that’s how life tends to go.
It doesn’t dawdle. It’s not slow.
Make sure you’re ready like Connor was.
That’s the end of this poem, and now we pause.

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