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FNF12 – That was not the end…

The Rhyming Little Mermaid 11
(That was not the end…)


Though she ceased to exist on Earth,
And her body turned to spume,
Serena woke up in a strange, white place,
In what looked like her own little room.
She got up, and tenderly tested her feet,
Which to her surprise did not sting.
Then she grew brave, and tested her mouth,
She had a tongue, and could sing!

Yet she stayed quietly dumbfounded,
And walked right out of her room.
And as she did, she heard a voice,
That scared away all her gloom.

Voice: “Come here to me, My little child.
You’ve suffered much, I know.
But you have sought, and you have found me,
All your sins are washed white as snow.”

She saw Creator with her own eyes,
Beckoning her into a hug.
Her eyes did not cry, But her smile did not lie,
As she sang to him like a dove.
Her voice was now more beautiful than ever,
In Creator’s warm embrace,
And Serena forever sang the praise,
Of Creator’s Amazing Grace.

And so, the smallest, most wretched creature,
In all the world may be,
A child of God if their hope is in Him,
And not in the things of the sea.
Or even in the things of the land,
Though enticing they might be,
The Little Mermaid was finally home.
And Serena was finally free.

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