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WOW9 – Joshua Slayter Vs. Ricky Serpiente

World Of Wrestling 9
(Joshua Slayter Vs. Ricky Serpiente)

Smack! Went Joshua Slayter’s face,
Straight down into the mat.
The crowd roared loudly as he went-
To Superkick Ricky right back.
Ricky Serpiente was far too quick,
Matrixing back in a bridge.
And Joshua Slayter fell over the top rope,
Landing Splat! Like a fly or a midge.

“Come on, come on!” Jessica whispered,
While watching a monitor tv.
She clenched her fist and noticed the nails
She’d been biting nervously.
This was a big match for Josh.
Even if it was a house show.
He won his very first WWL match.
But the second one would be a show-
Of just how very good he was.
Win, lose, or draw.
And Ricky was especially quick.
Could he be caught by Bigdog’s paws?

Jessica’s mind went back to the match.
Ricky was running toward the ropes.
Joshua followed directly behind,
Grabbed a gutwrench, and Ricky was toast.
German suplex after German suplex,
And Ricky looked way worse for wear.
One final tossing release came to Ricky,
And the crowd lit up everywhere.
Joshua howled, his eyes intense,
And Ricky began to stand up.
He put Ricky up in a fireman’s carry,
This Big Dog was no little pup.

He tugged on Ricky’s legs and spun him around,
Spine-busting him into the mat,
He got the win 3 seconds later,
And that, was that, was that.

Jessica couldn’t help but stare,
As Josh barked and celebrated.
She wondered if he’d hurt Ricky.
His spine looked separated.
That move, whatever the name of it was,
Was majorly intimidating.
While he needed some extra work,
He didn’t deserve the “rookie” rating.
She then looked down at her phone,
And the notification light blinking.
She reached and saw she had a text


Joshua wrote: “I’m thinking…
Maybe I can see you tonight.
As long as we are cool.
We can study tapes and just hang out.
The hotel you’re in has a pool.
I guess what I’m trying to say is,
Can I still come over tonight?
I’m not looking for anything weird.
Just a friend, alright?”

Jessica smiled at the belated text,
And his transparent honesty.

She texted him back: “Sure Bigdog.
Come over whenever you’re free.”

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