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WOW10 – Turning Night

World Of Wrestling 10
(Turning Night)

Jessica: “Popcorn and Pizza would work better this time,
Instead of shrimp and steak.”

Jessica thought to herself as she worked,
On making this friendly night great.
She fussed over every minute detail,
To make it look like she didn’t.
And as a final touch, she mussed-up her hair,
To leave no little hint-
Of the feelings that slowly were developing inside,
Regardless of how she was convinced,
That her interest in Joshua The Bigdog,
Was professional at present.

Joshua arrived about 5 minutes early,
And was jovial as he came in.
He handed her some Lucha dvds,
And she asked him how he’d been.

Joshua: “Pretty good.” He smiled
as he sat on her couch.
“Won my match with Ricky.
He’s real quick, and he kicks pretty hard.
But his patterns aren’t that tricky.”

Jessica: “That move you hit at the end of the match,
Looked like it killed that boy!
You got a name for that airplane spinebuster?”

Joshua: “It’s called the K9 Killjoy.”

Jessica smiled, but also looked wary.

Jessica: “Please say you’d never use that on me.”

Joshua: “You’d want me to hold back in a match between us?
You can’t be asking that seriously.”

Jessica frowned, thinking about-
How she’d let her emotions out.

Jessica: “Want to put in a Lucha dvd?
Like that one! What’s the opening bout?”

Jessica and Josh watched and joked,
About luchadores, junk food, and more.
Then before they knew it, they looked at the clock,
It was AM time: 2:04.

Jessica: “Wow oh wow, it’s super late!”

Joshua: “Yeah, I’d better get to bed.”

Jessica: “You know, I have two beds in here.
You could take one of them instead.”

Jessica saw Josh freeze again,
As if some horror jumped into his mind.

Joshua: “You’ve been kind enough to me.
Maybe some other time.”

She felt a pang of guilt this time
Instead of just confusion.
She searched for the best thing to say in this case,
And she came to one conclusion.

Jessica: “K.” Was all she said to him.
So he took his dvd and left.

Jessica: “What is your deal, Joshua Slayter?
I’ve wondered since we’ve met.”

Jessica grabbed her phone and took a note:

Jessica: “Find out more about him.
Check with the guys he trained with.
Find out what’s within.”

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