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SHA7 – The Farm

Super Hero Alliance Patrol Ensemble 7
(The Farm)

The Super Hero Alliance Patrol Ensemble
Arrived with eager fanfare
Each wearing a bright shiny costume
And grinning from ear to ear.
Captain Majestic flew through the air.
The Dragon, Like a silent ninja crept
And Robogirl saddled Behemoth Jr.
While holding on tightly to his neck.

When they arrived at Mr. Withers’ farm,
Captain Majestic landed and said:

Captain Majestic: “No need to worry, Mr. Withers!
We will save your Kitty and farmstead!”

The man laid there against a tree,
A straw hat over his face.
But something seemed amiss,
And its origin, The Captain couldn’t trace.

Captain Majestic: “Why isn’t he responding to me?
Do you think he’s in trouble too?”

Robogirl: “Maybe those feeding tubes in his arm,
Would give us a better clue.”

The Dragon took a closer look.

Dragon: “It appears he is asleep,
And some sort of sleeping aid,
Keeps him from making a peep.”

Captain Majestic: “Who would send an old farmer to sleep?
And what purpose would they-
Have in performing such a task?”

Then Behemoth Jr. said his first words that day.

Behemoth Jr.: “Uh oh…”

They all looked up across the field,
And a silo opened wide,
A puff of smoke and something quick
Blasted into the skies.
But just as it did, a fire storm
Blew it down to the ground.
And the team stared at what they had seen,
And this is what they found.

The thing that came out of the silo
Was a giant robot.
The thing that blasted it down to the ground
Were two familiar hotshots.

Fire Man and Hot Chick
Pinned the Robot down
But a voice echoed from inside the bot,

Bot: “You fools can’t keep me on the ground!”

Fire Man: “We decoded your hidden messages!
You will not make it to space!”

Captain Majestic then yelled:

Captain Majestic: “What’s going on for kitties sake?!”

That was just enough of a distraction
For the robot to fight back,
It shot two lasers out of its eyes
And escaped the fire attack.
It blasted up into deep space
As Fire Man descended.

Hot Chick: “What is wrong with you guys?!
Do your brains need to be mended!?”

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