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GOA97 – An Untimely Surprise

Guardians Of Atlanta 97
(An Untimely Surprise)

As the Guardians moved along,
Progress was being made.
Brock’s Knights were befuddled by Phantasma’s fog,
And the illusion games he played.

Nick Tracer: “We’re making good time.”
Nick remarked as he checked his phone’s homescreen.
“And I got a text from Fortune.
She’s made progress with her team.
She says she hasn’t seen Brock yet, though.”

William: “He must be somewhere near us.
And if he is near, the best knights are.
Caution is now a must.”

Bobby: “Come on, glass-is-half-empty!
What could go wrong? We’re almost up the trail.”

But as they spoke, Cyrus cringed,
As it began to hail.

Bobby: “Ow! What is wrong with you?”

Cyrus: “I can’t hold it back!”

Bobby shielded himself
from the oncoming attack.
Golf-ball sized hail pelted the mountain.
And the Guardians couldn’t help from sounding
Their displeasure to Cyrus Jones,
And as the fog dissipated,
A horn was blown.
The hunting horn of Brock’s Knights
Was deep and bellowing.
And they saw Brock and his knights running to meet them,
Their fear continued developing.

Cyrus: “I’m sorry, Will!”

Will: “It’s not your fault.
Everybody hold this ground!”

William unsheathed Calvin and Knox.

William: “We are NOT going down!”

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