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Heritage Of The Warrior (WWW1) – Poetry for Warriors Daily (Ep. 24)

In this heartwarming and inspiring tale, we follow the life of Jengo Silversmith, a computer science graduate from Oxford who discovers his diverse ethnic heritage and falls in love with a girl named Ariel Meadowlark. Together they have a son named Braden Nahuel Silversmith, whom they leave with Jengo’s grandparents in Fort Apache while they go on a missions trip. Tragically, their plane disappears over the Bermuda Triangle, leaving Braden to be raised by his grandparents. As Braden grows up, he learns about folklore and legends from his grandfather Simeon, who unfortunately passes away from cancer. Braden’s grandmother, Rayen, raises him alone for 9 years and teaches him to be a warrior. This is just the beginning of Braden’s journey in life, as he navigates his multicultural heritage, learns to overcome adversity, and discovers his own unique path in the world. Join us on this incredible journey of love, loss, and hope in this unforgettable story.

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