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GOA112 – Clipped

Guardians Of Atlanta 112

Up in the high room, of an old castle’s tower,
Red Death, The bald man from before, sat, incredibly sour.
News had long reached him that The Guardians had,
Put an end to his plans for Harbingella. And now instead,
Of celebrating with feasts he sat in his room alone.
Until a text message came over his phone.
“Clipper is here.” is what the text message said,
“Send him in.” replied Red, and whoever sent the message did.

Clipper came in cowering, looking defeated.
Red Death said to Clipper,

Red Death: “Clipper, don’t look so cheated!
The Guardians of Atlanta were formidable foes.
And if others had done their part, who knows?
Maybe Harbingella would be eating with us now.
But please sit down. Wipe the sweat from your brow.
Have a glass of wine and relax yourself.”

Clipper sat down and took a drink.
and tried to calm himself.

Red: “I know you’ve worked hard, and that the girl slipped away.
We had no clue where The Legend actually was.
That’s why we added the echoes of Harbingella,
and the descendants of those whose cause-
It was to seal her away.
It was a potent spell to find it.
But once The Guardians found Harbingella,
they had enough power to bind it.”

Red stood up and paced the floor, Clipper totally on edge.
Clipper took a long chug of his wine and Red smiled and said:

Red: “Mutatio.”

The wine that Clipper had been drinking ripped through his throat,
And through his chest too.
It flew across into Red’s hand,
A dagger it became anew.
Clipper fell across the table, dead.
As Red Death admired the blade.
He pulled out his phone, and then texted his aid.

Text: “Please send in a maid.”

Red sighed and went to a window.
He stared out at the land below.
Red: “Curse The Guardians of Atlanta!…
Well at least now I know…
I hear Los Angeles is nice this time of year.
Perhaps that is where we will go.”

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