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GOA67 – Unwelcome

Guardians Of Atlanta 67

When Amira awoke,
she felt quite a sensation.
Four distinct vibes hummed within her,
All with no explanation.
When she opened her eyes,
She saw 3 men,
And the fourth one was a woman.
She rubbed her forehead from the drugs
Her brain feeling as if it was wooden.

The woman leaned over and held Amira’s hand.

Woman: “It’s okay, you’re safe with us.”

Amira: “What is going on?” Amira asked

Man with gray hair: “That’s something you’re going to have to trust-
Is in the right hands.
For what I’m about to tell you is quite shocking.
William, set the young woman in the pew right there.
We don’t want her balance rocking.”

Amira realized that one of them was William,
And she squinted at the third.
The third wore a purple vest and jacket.
He quite honestly, looked absurd.
Amira was placed in a Church pew
As she pondered all these things.

Man with gray hair: “And now small one, Amira Kadru,
This is your story-string.
You may not know it, but you come from a clan,
Janakhan by name it’s known.
This tribal clan wanders from Thailand to Afghanistan
And even as far as Rome.
These nomads assimilate many traditions
From many different kinds of cultures.
But one of these traditions is unique to them,
And I will tell you it at this juncture.”

“The Jana Jukembari are sets of twins,
Blessed by a tribal Shaman,
The blessing is very special,
Yet still, it remains uncommon.
The blessing simply states something like this:
“Let these two be joined forever.
They will imitate the other well,
Like two ends of a mirror.”

“We believe that you and your sister Shruti,
Were blessed before your orphaning occurred…
And when your sister Shruti died-
Now I know that this is a blur,
But we think that you are copying others,
Now that she is gone,
And it’s gotten to the point where your copying
Has become amazingly strong.”

Amira: “Wait so-
Why in the world did you kidnap me?”

William: “The Mayor wants to use you for some reason,
as some sort of key.
The Mayor is in cahoots with
Some very evil men.”

Woman: “You’re going to have to trust us Amira.
We know what to do and when.”

Amira stood up to protest, but fell back in her seat.
The drugs had almost worn off, but they had made her weak.

Amira: “This isn’t cool! I have a home now!
Why should I trust you anyway?!
Yyou’re the ones who took me from it,
And this Janakhana thing sounds so cliche!
You expect me to believe I’m some chosen one?
And my sister dying is the key to it all?!
What kind of sick people are you!?
I’m not staying with you at all!
I have a home now! A place where I belong!
And you can’t keep me from it!”

Suddenly William lost his temper, and yelled at her,

William: “Amira Kadru, That’s it!
You’re either an ally of this team,
Or you’re a prisoner for now!
Bobby, put her inside one of our rooms,
Her freedom disallow.
Stand the first watch at the door this morning.
I’ll be the second there.
There’s no way she’s being taken by them.
No way she’ll be taken from here.”

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