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Sleep On It (WWW4) – Poetry for Warriors Daily (Ep. 27)


In this scene, Jonathan and Braden, two friends who share a love for fighting, have a heartfelt conversation. Jonathan expresses his self-doubt, feeling unsure about pursuing his dreams. However, Braden uplifts him, emphasizing his potential and encouraging him to stick to his training.

Meanwhile, Chris Magnus and Rayen find themselves in a perplexing situation. Chris reveals to Rayen that he has received a serious message, which he has recorded as evidence. They discuss the potential dangers surrounding their discovery, and Chris expresses his fears of communicating through conventional means. Rayen offers her prayers and encourages Chris to be cautious. The scene ends with Chris leaving, determined to uncover more information, while Rayen heads back to the car with a mix of concern and confidence in Chris’s abilities.

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