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GOA99 – Broken Brothers

Guardians Of Atlanta 99
(Broken Brothers)

William and Brock were soon paired up,
As the fight continued to rage.
Calvin and Knox against Gideon the axe
Their war was continually waged.
But soon their scuffling spilled away from the pack
And Brock stood away for respite.
William pleaded with his former sword-brother.

William: “Brock you must quit this!”

Brock: “You have no idea what we’re being paid
And how many people we’re aiding.”

William: “Yet you stand against your brother!”

William jumped back evading-
Brock’s axe Gideon as their fighting recommenced.

Brock: “Master Dodd wanted this!
Your words are all an offense!”

William dropped his swords
and switched to his greatsword, Cromwell.
Then he entered another state
And let out a battle yell.
This ferocious fight thundered on
For who knew how very long?
But no amount of armed combat
Could heal these brothers, wronged.

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