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WOW8 – Just Business

World Of Wrestling 8
(Just Business)

After an inordinate amount Of prepping
Jessica Valero left her hotel,
Her mind continually vetted The Bigdog,
Though not just for the sell.
It’s true she thought he was worth a lot,
To both himself and her.
If given the guidance he desperately needed,
To make his career path sure.

But there was something in this young man,
That intrigued her as well.
A childlike wonder and loyalty,
With an ego that didn’t seem to swell.
And so she met him at her favorite restaurant,
In this region of the country.
She hoped he’d bring his appetite.
King’s was best when you were hungry.
His rickety old black van,
Pulled its way into the lot.
And she smiled at him warmly and said,

“They’ve prepared my favorite spot.”

Joshua then stepped out of his van,
Wearing jeans and a polo shirt.

“I feel kind of underdressed.”

He said looking at her black mini-skirt.

“Oh no! I’m the potential manager.
And You are the client,
It’s my place to impress you.
You wear whatever you want!”

Joshua shifted nervously,
And they went inside King’s.
After they had sat down,
And ordered their individual meals,
Jessica began the conversation.

“This place never has deals.
You can order pretty much anything.
And they’ll make it no questions asked.
Their kitchen and food storage is massive!”

Joshua Slayter laughed.


”What’s so funny, Josh?


Joshua: “I just never thought,
My second night in the WWL,
Would be in this spot.
A four time women’s champion
 Treating me to lunch?
Trying to impress a rookie?”

Jessica: “Well, it’s just a hunch.
But I’ve done my research on you now,
And I really am impressed.
You have the makings of a future Champion,
And a chance to be one of the best.”


”I don’t like people at ringside.”

Jessica: “That is perfectly fine.
I can work behind the scenes,
If you’re so inclined.
I would make sure you get good matches,
And you have whatever you need,
In order to become a Champion,
Then we both succeed!”

Their appetize bread arrived,
and a minute later, Joshua replied.

Joshua: “Not that I really care about money,
But you’d just take a cut?”


”We can negotiate that how you want.
I’m not worried about that either.
And there’s no pressure to decide now.
Decide at your own leisure.”

They sat and ate for a little while,
Talking their favorite sport,
What got them both into the business,
And all the different sorts-
Of Wrestling that they loved to watch,
Growing up as kids.
That led to Jessica’s question-

Jessica: “How long have you been in the biz?”


”Only about two years.”

Jess nearly choked on her drink.


”You’ve got to be kidding! How old are you?”


”20.” He said without a blink.
“I’m pretty sure I told you before.
But you had a lot on your mind.
People are usually surprised-
To see one of my kind.”

Jessica: “That’s crazy! You seem so much more mature!
And you’re living on the road on your own?”


”To be fair, I just started traveling more.
But so far it’s my favorite home.”

Jessica smiled and checked her phone.


”Well, we’d better get moving-
If we’re going to be at the house show tonight.”


”Glad you find me amusing.”


”Do you want to come over after the show?”

Jessica saw something snap.


”I uh… Have some things I have to do.”

Jessica felt like she’d been slapped.


”Oh… Well if that’s the case,
Maybe some other time?”


”I don’t know,” he said nervously,
“I need to go unwind.”

Jessica went to put her hand on his.
And he couldn’t move quick enough to stop her.
He pulled away and left the restaurant.

Jessica: “What about my offer?”

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