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WOW1 – The Rookie

World Of Wrestling 1
(The Rookie)

Sweaty underneath his sort-of clean clothes,
Joshua Slayter sighed and let out his woes.
His fingers jittered on the wheel of his van,
Thanks to the contents of the now-empty can-
That clinked in the cupholder as he pulled into the lot,
For the Orlando Arena, where he’d finally get a shot.
The previous night was an emotional farewell,
As he left his old home for the WWL.
NGPW was a great place to work.
But it was nothing compared to WWL’s perks.
He’d be on TV. (Regionally at least.)
And he’d have enough money to eat like a beast.
All this played on his mind despite
The nine hours straight he’d driven overnight.
Caffeine would sustain him, or at least for now,
He’d shower, then nap. Then the crowds he’d wow.

Security let him through with no problem at all.
And he walked with his duffel bag down the long winding hall.
His mind was preoccupied as he took the place in.
It was impossible to hide his wide boyish grin.
And as his eyes for the locker room did search,
Someone bumped into him and made him lurch.

“Watch what you’re doing!” She said irritated.

“I’m sorry!” Joshua said, “I should have waited.
Can you tell me where the men’s locker room is at?”

“Boy, what is under that baseball hat?!
Do you know who I am? Did you pay your respects?”

Josh thought for moment, his mind perplexed.
He almost didn’t recognize her because his eyes were bleary.
Then the thought of who she was. And the thought made him cheery.

“Miss Supergirl herself, Jessica Valero!
I’m sorry. My mind feels like it’s jello.
I drove here straight from my last Indy event.
And I thought you were injured until present.”

Jessica smiled and shook Josh’s hand.
Her expression had changed as she studied the younf man.
She could see his excitement, his infectous joy
And she quickly realized he was still just a boy.

Her smile grew too, as she retracted her hand.

“First time in the big leagues? Treasure it, man.
You might one day be great, but this will always be your first.
And I’d love nothing more to stay and converse.
But I have to attend a meeting down the hall.
The men’s locker room is just past that wall.”

Jessica pointed the way, And Joshua thanked her.
He thought about much. His mind was a blur.
Would this job work out and better his life?
Could he stand with mega stars, and put up a fight?

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