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ITR47 – Interviewing James Washington

Idiot’s Guide To Illegal Tech Repair 47
(Interviewing James Washington)

James: “Let go of me!” James Washington said,
As he was pulled into a conference room.
“You wanna go?!” He threw one guard down
And was cuffed as Jarvis loomed-
Over James with a smug grin on his face,
Enjoying his moment of power.

Jarvis: “Continue to display disobedience,
And I’m afraid our time here will sour.”

James: “I ain’t afraid of incarceration.
You should know that by now.”

Jarvis: “Yes. You seem to have dealt with it,
And escaped many times now.”

James: “You think you know everything by reading a file.
But you ain’t got the skills to survive.”

Jarvis: “I have the skills to do what is needed,
To help The Federation thrive.
Now tell me, James. What does malpractice and Illegal tech repair
Have to do with one another?
Or better yet, how do they connect with you?”

James: “You don’t have the time, brother.
To drag that outta me, you’re gonna have to do more
Than smack me around a bit.
I ain’t afraid of your sumptuous uniform.
Jarvis, you’re full of it.”

James spat upon the commander’s boots,
And Jarvis stared James down.
There was a moment of tension,
Broken by Jarvis’ frown.

Jarvis: “I have your well-being, James Washington,
In the palm of my hand.
I could send you to the afterlife,
Or into a prison in Car-tram.
But since the museum is opening soon,
And I’ll get no information from you,
I’m going to hold off on my recommendations-
To the federation, for you.

James Washington was then removed,
And detained outside.
Jarvis had more to think about
In how to deal with this snide-
And rude cowboy doctor,
And if his friends would be tamer.

Jarvis: “Who’s next on the list, Lieutenant?”

Lieutenant: “Dexter Wallace Cramer.”

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