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ITR35 – Always But

Idiot’s Guide To Illegal Tech Repair 35
(Always But)

Out to the barn went Pandora and Blayze.
Carrying food for Dex.
Pandora frowned at Blayze’s demeanor,
Perceiving he was quite vexed.

Pandora: “What’s the matter, My sweet friend?
What do you worry for?”

Blayze: “I’m worried about what Dex is doing,
And what he has in store.
I think he’s addicted to vampiric tech,
And the highs it can create.”

Pandora: “Are you serious?
Wow this is great! This is simply great.”

Blayze: “But I feel bad ’bout speaking up,
‘Cause of all that I’ve hid.”

Pandora: “Well I won’t make you do anything,
But I think this is one you must do.
Stool Pigeon or not you’ll be helping,
Benefitting the whole crew.
You never keep secrets from me.
Why keep secrets from them?”

Blayze turned dour in an instant,
And shuffled away in a rut.
His world went cold with the realization,
He was always saying “but.”

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